Business Sector as a Key Player in Advancing Gender Equality

Sometimes, you may have a problem connecting a remote desktop over VPN. What is the next thing that you always do? Well, you probably call the IT guy for help. What would be your reaction if an IT lady shows up instead?

Today women are diving into different professions that we predominantly male, ICT being one of them. With this in mind, organisations are doing their best to strike a gender balance in the workplace, in a bid to create an inclusive environment for improved performance.

As a business owner, the following are ways in which you can also contribute to promoting gender equality.

Recognize that gender inequality is an issue

It is important to acknowledge that gender equality has been an issue for the longest time. It is only through accepting that there is an issue. This should start from the top management going all the way to the operations. All the departments, vertical and horizontal need to collaborate to bring awareness on the matter.

Evaluate your organisation’s efforts pertaining to the issue

Once you have identified the areas of concern, you need to sit down and assess your organisation and determine whether or not your organisation has done anything really to address the matter. No rock should be left unturned. That means that you should analyse every department, starting with the finance and accounting department to human resources. From there you will be able to identify gaps that need to be filled and use the information to create strategies that will help you in managing the issue.

Make comparisons

Just the way you analyse your competitor’s marketing strategies, it is also essential that you do a benchmark in light of the subject matter. What have other companies done to ensure that there is gender balance in their organisations? What are other leaders in other departments doing to promote equality? From there you will borrow a few notes on what needs to be done.

Do something

By now, you have gathered a lot of information on your position in light of promoting gender equality as an organisation. Also, you have a clue on what needs to be done to address the issue. There is no better time to act than now. Go ahead and implement the strategies that you have formulated.

Monitor your progress

If you apply a new strategy or commit to an investment, you need to track your performance. It is therefore essential that you know the strides that you have made in regards to promoting and gender equality by assessing both the representation of men and women in the various departments.

Businesses and the media have played significant roles in mainstreaming gender equality. It is also useful, that as a business that you also contribute to these efforts. The tips above will help you get started.