Tech Companies Lack Gender Equality Goals: Here Is What They Need To Do

The information technology job opportunities in the United States are expected to go up to over two times the current national rate in the next decade. However, the majority of the firms still lack the plans for solving the major issue of gender imbalance in the workforce according to the latest reports revealed by WITI.

Today, only a third of the numerous companies in the technology sector have been reported to have plans or instead goals for gender equity and diversity. Most of them feel that the purpose is meant to improve the number of women who work in such organizations about their male counterparts. Very few organizations have also shown the need to hire more women. The issue of achieving gender balance in such companies is a problem which is projected to last for a while still.

Even though women make a mere 25% of the workers in the information technology niche, 31 per cent of all the companies tends to see the firms as being diverse when it comes to gender balance. However, women are gender biases in most organizations, and as a result, there is a need for quick action. The companies tend to avoid the discussion and the agenda that involve gender sensitivity in the workplace.

Most of the companies say that it is about critical to include women in the technology company. Much worse, according to most company owners is giving the ladies a leadership role in such firms. This has been one of the primary reasons why most firms neglect women and avoid recruiting them in tech companies.

Therefore, there is need to continue creating awareness while trying to bring men and women alike on the table. There is no need to engage the ladies and gents on the table to formulate strategies to boost the number of women in the talent pipeline and the best practices for a better treatment of women in the sector

When companies understand the fact that both men and women are often ambitious and work towards making the best out of the firms, they will never ignore the course. The companies should understand that both genders have similar ambition and measurements of their career success concerning their competition in the industry. Everyone values the work-life balance and tends to be involved in working for the firms which have their purpose and fate at heart. This value is in both genders.

Moreover, women have been seen to have the least access to cash, funding and capital in the organizations within which they work and even in the outside world. Nevertheless, only eight per cent of the significant patent holders worldwide are ladies. Of these, only two per cent have venture capital funding for startups which are found by women.

What Should Companies Do?

Following the fact that gender sensitivity has been an issue for a long time worldwide, there is a need to help turn the situation. The forms which are involved in technology should work hand in hand with every stakeholder and significant role players to ensure that women find their place in the workforce. Women are talented and should not be looked down upon following their gender. To achieve the best out of the remedies, the company needs to do the following:

  • Involve men in the process: when solving the issue of gender business in technology firms, men should be made part and parcel of the solution process. However, women have to lead the way in bringing gender balance to the technology industry. They should show that they are capable of whenever an opportunity arises.

If the women who are already in the industry are working tirelessly to see the organization prosper, the companies will be interested in their work and recruit more females in the sector. Men should majorly and only be used as advocates and to play the most crucial part in the hiring and recruitment of the females. The men should also be used as the means of promoting and retaining women in the technology field to show that they care for one another and not for themselves.

  • Equal pay: again, the companies need to embrace equal pay for both female and male workers to ensure that ladies consider working in technology firms. The equality in payment by employers in such a field is the first step to ensuring that gender balance is achieved in technology firms. This will help change the culture of the firms and make women interested in working for technology firms again.


Despite the rampant gender business in technology companies, the firms can indeed work extra hard to eliminate the vice just in a fortnight. Increase in training, as well as an open conversation among the workers and the management, is key to achieving this. The leaders should be able to work closely with females and men alike to avoid issues which arise hence barring women from being recruited in the firms.